People are born to be happy!

Many chase happiness but is it really hidden?

The legend says that it is our divine gift. And because it is so powerful, it was hidden somewhere we would hardly look: inside ourselves.
We experience it through the enthusiasm we invest in what we do, be it the daily routine or exceptional efforts to achieve specific goals. If we want to be successful: we make a plan, we execute it and we rip the benefits of our time invested in that project. But will we be truly happy? This requires to let our fears go and to live in peace. In other words, to accept ourselves for who we are.
My hobbies complete who I am and with time, they became important tools in the healing, the emancipation, the success and the joy of my clients. I invite you to follow my page, to benefit from the experience of the people I interviewed and to find out what inspired me to be who I am today: Laura Calous, creator of the femininity courses "The Goddess Temple" and "The Intuitive Healing through Mandalas inspired by the Flower of Life and by the Sacred Geometry". Above all, I am a damn good Life-Coach, respected in the community and especially respected and recommended by my clients, those who have chosen to make the world a better place for them and for their loved ones.