#TGT-Artemis: Day 9: God is My Power

Updated: Apr 23

( ! ) Disclosure

The meditations are very personal. At least with ourselves we should leave modesty aside and tell us what we need, what we really need to hear.

( ! ) Day 9

God is my Power... i know it because my solitude and loneliness are stronger when i forget that he wants to stand by my side.

On the Sixtine Chappel Michelangelo depicted Adam and God, a God who desperately tried to reach Adam but Adam did not even bother to lift a finger.

I do know that God is watchful and as a good Father he allows my freedom without interfering if not asked. My sadness comes by knowing that i am ashamed of my cowardice, by my emotional failures, by my incapacity of being a support for myself, and to gain trust that i can truly care of those i love.

Perhaps i should express gratitude more as to understand the balance of good and bad in my life. I definitely have to!

Hence i am aware that both good and bad have a purpose in one's life. I know that i am blessed and loved. Perhaps my trails gathered so far are only lessons to strengthen my capacity of protecting myself. That is because i cant thank God enough for the gifts he bestowed upon me. I am in my youth and i am sure that the best is yet to come. My trials are to teach me to protect myself as an individual and human being for the moment when my gift will truly manifest and many people might benefit from it.

With this i am aware that this is a personal note. I do have a need and hope that my life is worth-while and as long as God permits for me to draw breath in this world it only means that i might be part of a bigger positive scheme of which i am not aware. I do say positive because my empathy helped me and it helped others. Now, i draw a deep breath, i smile and yes, i know: God is my Power!


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